Ramadhan 2013 : Entry #4

I know it's been quite a number of days since my last post but I have been really busy. Honestly!

And so, without wasting precious minutes (I am now UNBELIEVABLY sleepy!) let's continue with my Iftar menu :)

Hubby did not have iftar at home and so it was BFF and me, with Aina of course :) 
If you notice, kuih cara berlauk appears quite a few times in my iftar menu. I am still searching for the perfect one, and so far, no luck yet! 

Ikan pekasam, or preserved/pickled fish is definitely a must-have in your fridge. It helps tease your palate at times when you don't feel like eating, and believe me, if you've never had it, you MUST try!!

And suddenly I had the urge to prepare Nyonya-style fish head curry. (note the presence of cara berlauk again?) I had BFF over for Iftar again since she's all alone here.

I can't think of recipes to share since I am that sleepy, so I think I'll stop now :p

Hope you enjoy the pics, and get some ideas for your own Iftar menu :D :D :D


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