Madghout anyone.....?

Some time last week, hubby and I went to Al-Barakah again for dinner.

Surprise...surprise. They had added some new stuff in their menu, so we decided to try the lamb and chicken madghout.

Then, hubby went to the grocery store a few doors away to see if they had restocked their Strawberry and Apple Barbican, and he was also pleasantly surprised to see a new flavour added ~ Pomegranate!!


We were extremely happy with the meal and well as the drink :-)

I only had a bit of taste of the new barbican, but ordered mint tea at the restaurant as I was nursing a bad sore throat at the time...

Yes, I would recommend anyone to try the lamb madghout at Al-Barakah @ Cyberjaya as the rice is nice and fluffy and the lamb protion was more than adequate :-D :-D :-D



Double Trouble

It was on Friday that I received the call from my niece, asking if I'd be interested.

But, I was planning to bring Aina to her 2nd cousins' birthday bash so I opted out.

On Saturday morning Aina was still feverish and coughing so I asked my niece if I could change my mind... :-p

After a whole day of giving Aina her meds, her fever was gone but her cough was getting worse so I decided not to attend the party for fear other kids would catch her cough, and so it was Double Trouble that evening....

Special thanks to hubby who agreed to go with me even though it wasn't really his scene.

DT was not to be missed. I couldn't not go as I had been to the first one FIFTTEEN years ago at the Stadium Negara, and believe me, it still plays in my head!! LOL

And since I read somewhere once that this mayor may not be the last time the two legends will be on one stage together, I figured I HAD to go to this one.... :-D :-D :-D

No need for long exhaustive words, just these pics to share....

We did leave immediately after "Gemuruh" though because they usually team up towards the end, and to wait till the end would mean traffic-death!! LOL We didn't miss a lot though because the long walk from the Surf Beach to the main entrance allowed us to still hear the band even though we'd left them more than halfway behind :-) :-p
One thing for sure, this MIGHT well be the last time I go for an open air concert LOL




Yup... it's been THAT time of the year. What a way to mark the end of 2010!

Aina, hubby, me and even our maid was not spared.... :-s

Mine started on Saturday, after we got back from Seremban. But, even though I was already feeling sore and kind of woozy, still went ahead to catch the movie date with hubby.

my little Imp, with her painted "bunny" face at the birthday party last Saturday

I still tried to make it to work on Monday but left around 8.40am to go to the panel clinic @ TTDI since I had to drop by to pick up something from Mom's anyway. Turned out, temperature was 38.5'C and throat was already inflamed. Doc gave the required meds and I soon made my way home. Poor Aina. She was so happy to see me home but she was baffled as to why I was not really into playing with her. So, I took her hands and put them to my forehead so she could feel my fever, and I told her, "Mama pain.....". So she agreed to go play with Ana and let me sleep for a bit....

Tuesday I was still not well so I had to go to the panel clinic near our house to get another MC for Tuesday. If I had gone to SJMC on Monday, I would have gotten 2 days off immediately. Good thing too that I had the extra day because by lunch time, Aina had developed a fever. I gave her the meds we already had at home, but it didn't seem to work. At 5.20pm hubby and I were in SJMC waiting our turn to see the doc. Turned out, Aina had a fever of 38.3'C and so she was immediately given supp meds (i.e. inserted from her bottom). She asked for a burger on the way home, and impressed us by finishing it :-D

That night though, her temp was still high and around 1.00am I stripped her and gave her a sponge bath. She cried, protested, but I didn't really have a choice as she was HOT! I gave her another round of supp med, then put her back to bed. By Wednesday morning, she was still just slightly warm to the touch so I told Ana to call me at work if her temperature goes sky-high again. Alhamdulillah....... Aina has been fine the last 2 days, just slightly warm in the evening so I just stick to her paracetamol.

Anyway, we are all feeling better now and hope that the weekend will bring us something more fruitful than just laying in bed, pumped with meds!!! LOL

Happy weekend, and to those who are celebrating, "Merry Christmas!!"



Aina Visits Land Before Time?

The National Science Centre is having a Dinosaurs Alive exhibit till end of May 2011 so if you or your child is a dino-freak, then by all means, do stop by and have a look-see. Admission is RM10 for adults. I don't remember if there's a child's fee, but I do know that Aina's admission was FREE :-D

As we entered the Centre, Aina was immediately awed by the 'fish tank' around her.

But as soon as we stepped into the dino area, Aina's awe turned to fear a bit. She was hesitant to take a step and had to be persuaded....

this one above REALLY scared her, especially when it did this.........

The two dinos greeted guests as they came into the exhibition, and then we moved on to see the other exhibits.

I kind of regretted not bringing my flash; I forgot the built-in one was not working. The whole exhibit at the top floor was shrouded in darkness with minimal lighting!! I had to keep checking my speed setting, and without a tripod, obviously most of it was cr*p!! :-s

It was actually scary for a lot of kids! A boy quite a few years older than Aina was seen crying as he exited the exhibit area.... Poor thing! Aina was considered brave since she only refused to go near the dinos but was ok walking through the exhibit.
I think the sound effects and darkness scares kids.... Even TokMi was complaining that the sounds of snarls and growls were to loud....
After exiting the dino exhibit, we went round and visited the education and activity centre.....

All in all, Aina had good fun so that was important.

Couples Weekend

On Saturday, hubby and I headed to Seremban...

Aina was with TokMi as Aunty Cicik was throwing a birthday party and wanted Aina to be there.

"Selamat Bertunang" to Idyr & Aishah

Since we were done by 1pm, hubby and I decided to go browse for a new laptop at Low Yat but first, we made a stop in Puchong to drop of the camera and change into more comfy clothes :-p

Mission accomplished :-D
Yup. I now have a new laptop............. Yiippeeee!!!!!!

Next, we had promised ourselves to go watch a movie, and I had planned to at least have a nice, quiet (maybe even romantic?) dinner first but earlier hubby had received an SMS informing him about a small gathering of old friends later in the evening around 9pm.

So, considering it's been almost THIRTY years since he last saw some of them, I told him that we could cancel dinner and just go for the movie. He was ecstatic I think, but he made sure I was really ok with it first, LOL

What movie....?
"Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah"

Because it honestly seemed like a fun movie to watch ~ no expectations, no jolts....

A REALLY REALLY fun movie worth watching :-D :-D :-D
In the end, I was rather grateful that our 'date' ended a bit earlier than expected as I had developed a slight fever and was so looking forward to sleep.
Hubby finally came home at 2.30am ;-p


Back On Track

After my appointment with Prof yesterday, we are now back on track.... For what, you may ask? Well, for me to get pregnant again of course!! LOL LOL LOL

Seriously though, Prof has given his OK and has started me on metformine and prescribed fert pills to help along. I now have to maintain a constant sugar reading of between 4 -5 to minimise any risks related to my diabetes.

It was a surprisingly short wait at the hospital, so we managed to get home before the peak hour traffic, and since hubby was going back into the office leaving us girls at home, I only made noodles for dinner.

you need:
3 - 4 'pieces' of mee suah, rinsed briefly
200g beef slices
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 1-inch piece ginger, sliced
1 Tbs oyster sauce
500ml water
1 tsp sesame oil
1 1/2 tsp vegetable oil
veggies of your choice - i used frozen corn and peas
how to:
heat both oils in a pot and fry the garlic and ginger. add in the beef
slices and brown well. add in the oyster sauce and water and bring up to boil.
if using carrots, then add in now. as i was using frozen corn and peas, i only
added them just before i added in the noodles.

once the broth has boiled, check seasoning and add in the veggies and
noodles, and simmer briefly until noodles are done. the noodles i used i.e. mee
suah tend to get mushy really fast so i only cooked them for about 2 minutes,
then quickly served.

Aina was being her cheeky self yesterday so she only ate a few mouthfuls, then only slurped the broth. After dinner, she asked for a box of (Mama's) low fat milk and drank that :-s



Saturday at The Curve

It was unplanned.

Aina was making a fuss about going to TokMi's (something she's started to do every weekend now) and since Babah had to work so he said he'll send us and come pick us up after his stint at PWTC.

It was off to The Curve with Mama, TokMi and TokYah...... :-)

After the photo stop in front of e@Curve, we headed to Tao located inside e@Curve for our late breakfast of coffee (iced chocolate for Mama & Aina) and croissants. The patio was a nice place to have coffee (or even iced chocolate ;-P) but not very child friendly as the seats were high, set with high tables. Yes, the place was a club/lounge in the evening, but I think alternative seating arrangements should be made available for the 'day crowd' which will obviously mean families bringing in kids. At the moment, they are having special promo on the coffee & croissants which claim to be the 'cheapest in town' for only RM5 per set. You can choose from latte, cappucino, etc. I am not a coffee person, so I stuck to my iced chocolate which was a wonderful not-so-sweet concoction with a nice dollop of vanilla ice-cream on top :-D

Aina has fascination with all things Christmas I think, and she loves to touch the sparkly decoration and ornaments (which kid doesn't right??)

TokMi bought her a cute Christmas 'sock' with a candy cane and bittersweet chocolate in it. She seemed a bit overwhelmed at all the deco around her, so in most pics she kida looks 'lost' LOL

see what I mean.............?
TokMi took Aina into one of the kiosks selling ornaments and deco, and bought Aina a small set of deco to play with

in the second pic above, Aina is seating down with Mama's huge shopping bag on her shoulder. In the huge bag is her sock of candy & chocolate, and her little box of tree deco, LOL LOL

Our lunch at Sakae Sushi :-D Aina shared Mama's Beef Ramen
I have just one comment about Sakae Sushi - the servers should make it a point to check if the customer is familiar with their way of ordering i.e. vie the individual computers set up at the tables. Good thing I'd been to one of their outlets, or else we'd be so upset that no one came by to take our orders, LOL LOL LOL

Nicely decorated tiny Christmas Tree
The red decorations were the ones TokMi bought for Aina to play with.
And before someone goes of ranting about that little tree, please just think of it as just a toy! Besides, duit raya, ang pows and Christmas presents have always been a part of our family since we come from a mixed parentage. Half of our family are Chinese Catholics so we observe almost all major holidays in the calendar just for the sake of enjoying the spirit of family and merriment :-D

And.... while Mama was Facebooking while watching TV and TokMi took a short nap,

after Aina's 'handy work' of opening up the 'presents' LOL

Needless to say we had a huge shock, not to mention a very comical moment when Aina proudly told TokMi to wake up to see her 'surprise' for TokMi! LOL LOL LOL
She's opened up all the 'wrapped presents' in red paper to see what were the 'gifts' inside, only to find small blocks of styrofoam which she proceeded to breakdown and scatter all over TokMi's room.... :-p

feigning ignorance after the damage
We all soon got ready again to go out for dinner at Aina's favourite place. As soon as we got up the escalators to the ground floor of 1 Utama in front of the Supermarket, Aina confidently led the way, LOL LOL LOL

what's left of Aina's dinner @ Chicken Rice Shop
On the way home, we stopped by Cake Sense to buy Aina's donuts....
Aina enjoying her donut while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD
...and this is how she looked when Babah came to pick us up :-D
Babah decided to go to the Drive-thru to get Berries McFlurry and a Large Coke, both of which was also enjoyed by Aina... LOL

pssst... she'd actually rubbed her face on TokMi's back when she hid behind TokMi during a suspenseful scene on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (yup, MICKEY MOUSE!!!), and TokMi had jsut poured powder on herself. Hence, Aina's 'powdered look' LOL LOL LOL