"Toothy" Aina

These pics of Aina were taken about a week and a half ago...

She know sthe flash will go off, so she'll shut her eyes in anticipation LOL LOL
Sooo cute!!

So, can you spot Aina's three teeth??? ehehehehe....

I got her a (cheap, soft, washable) Pooh Bear carpet yesterday, and when I opened it and placed her on top of her favourite bear, she got all excited, crawling from one end to the other... She giggled and clapped her hands, then just looked up at us and grinned!! It was a pity I didn't have my camera then.

I'll take a pic of her on it one of these days and post it here :-)




It was a last minute decision to go for a seafood dinner at Lala Chong...

Since it was so last minute, only the four of us were up to it, hahahahaha...

We ordered the usual -- which were all favourite dishes i.e. sweet & spicy crabs, kam heong lala, fried mee suah, fern tops fried with belacan, fried rice, and steamed and fried mantou buns :-)

Needless to say, it was all gone at the end of dinner....

Thank you Lyn, for the dinner.... :-D :-D :-D




Found out that PONEY was having a warehouse/clearance sale, so I bugged hubby to go. In the end, these was what I managed to haul up, and this was over and done with in about half and hour!!! LOL

I like to buy stuff, I admit that, but I am not one to pick and choose and ponder for hours and hours. I go with a purpose, then grab what I need and then pay and leave. Easy!

So, I now have clothes for Aina to last another year and a half....
(although hubby is convinced I'll buy more when another sale comes by!!!)

Oh, before you think that these are all she has for the next year or so, trust me... she has a whole load more taking up space in my closet :-D

This was the first time I went to SACC mall, and hubby was excited to see Big Apple there, so we ended up in a line at the donut shop longer than it took us to shop for Aina's clothes!!! UUuuurrghhh!!

In hubby's hand is the Duren Duren, which has fresh durian in it. He enjoyed every last bite.

Turns out, there are some very good eateries at the Mall, so that will be our place to flock to in the near future....

Oraits... that's about it for this update...
I need to go sleep now :-)




Hubby, jubilant with his catch. Supposedly, he caught three but one fell off, so....

On Monday, I prepared the dishes above for our dinner. The squid was nice and sweet, and required very little 'tampering', ehehehehe....

As usual, I used GOGI flour for the batter.

Steamed Fish

1 whole Kerapu, cleaned
2 Tbs. sweet soy sauce
1 Tbs. light soy sauce
2 Tbs. oyster sauce
salt and sugar , to taste
a squeeze of lime

Prepare the steamer. Place fish in a heat-resistant dish.
Mix all the sauce ingredients together and pour evenly over the fish.
When water is boiling, steam fish until done.
Sprinkle spring onions as garnish.

This dish is a simple variation from the usual steamed fish that I prepare.



Aina @ 11 months

Aina reached her eleventh month mark on Easter Sunday...

In our house, Easter means CUTE CHOCOLATES!! LOL LOL LOL
My sis in the UK now has the dauting task of shopping for said cute chocolates and bring them home when she comes back for the summer holidays... eehhehhehehheee...

We'd been at TokMi's house since Friday as Aina's Babah was away -- candat sotong in Terengganu -- so on Sunday, we all went out to lunch at our favourite place in PJ.

Aina had soft bun with cream of mushroom soup and some of my hainanese-style kway teow. Her beverage of choice was her Uncle Maman's vanilla milkshake LOL LOL LOL

After lunch, I received a call from Kak Mun about the BBQ that night, which I knew nothing about since the details were SMS'd to hubby, who was away at sea :-D

So, around 6pm, in the heavy rain and thunderstorm, we headed to Taman Pelangi, which was the BBQ venue.

I have absolutely no pics from the BBQ as it was still raining heavily when we got there, so I just wanted to get Aina out of the car safely. Even Faz helped park the car for me since I'd left the engine running... he even helped bring down my giant handbag and Aina's diaper bag :-D

We were supposed to meet hubby at Kak Nor's and we'd also feast on his close-to-15kg catch of sotong. Unfortunately, it rained all the way, so he only arrived at Kak Nor's after 11, by which time almost everyone had left. Kak Mun was lucky as she caught him arriving just as she was leaving so she got a fair share of his catch.

After distributing his catch between Kak Nor and Kak Zu, that still left us with a HUGE stock of fresh squid which would not stay fresh for very long, so he made some calls and decided to drop us home before going off to give some to his friend, after I'd taken our share.

I chose a dozen of the squid, and gave away the rest. I have no idea when we'll finish eating this, but I have some options and ideas :-D :-D :-D

I'll try and out in an entry on the end result of the said squid, if I remember to snap pics... ehehehehhehe...


* Aina now has a total of THREE teeth - one at the bottom and two on top.
* Aina now loves to have conversations, and she'll keep going as long as we respond :-D
* She also LOVES to go to TokMi's condo for her weekly 'swimming' sessions.
* She now prefers to nap and/or sleep with someone with her. She can sleep for 3 hrs in the afternoon if she has company...!!
* As soon as she sees me wearing my tudung, she'll reach out for me and grab my blouse.

This video is of Aina as she's watching Wipeout. Somehow, the little tot derives great pleasure from watching people get clobbered!!!!


Aina in Terengganu

These are various pics of Aina during the recent trip to Terengganu for her cousin's wedding :-)

in the end, the little tot passed out, LOL

photographer in the making?? :-)

More cgit chat on this when I upload the pics from the reception ok... am sooooo tired.