Bukan malas nak update, tapi malas nak LAYAN sesetengah orang yang konon nak bantu tapi tak ikhlas dan kejujuran pun sangat diragui.

Disebabkan itu jugaklah akhirnya terpaksa jugak saya moderate komen-komen yang ditinggalkan di sini. Cara pukul curi sangat-sangatlah keji!

Anyway, tak perlu sakit kepala lama-lama pasal gangguan macam ni, eloklah update gambar cheeky-pot Aina. Satu set tu di dusun Tok Ayahnya (tepi sungai, siap dengan segala jenis pokok buah termasuk durian, manggis, kuinin etc...)

dalam gambar last tu, nun di belakang sungai yang keruh gara2 hujan lebat malam sebelumnya. awalnya cadang nak bawak Aina mandi sungai, tapi pasal air pun boleh tahan deras... maka kenselll aje la niat tu... Lain kali pun boleh mandi sungai (kesian anak saya... tak pernah mandi sungai LOL)

dan satu set lagi dia kena buli dengan Babah yang 'memaksa' Aina berdiri dan berjalan -- tak berjaya la jugak sebab akhirnya Aina merangkak aje.

kesian tak muka budak mintak tolong dalam 1st pic?? ehehehehhee... gigi yang 4 (nak masuk 5) nilah yang dia suka guna untuk menggigit orang kalau tak dapat apa yang dia nak!!! sangattt brutal!!

OKlah...malam pun dah makin larut (11.24pm larut ke??) so nak gi tido sebab esok keje.



Aina @ 13 months

As usual... late entry as I've been busy with other stuff i.e. LIFE in general...

Here are some pics of Aina in her 13th month... ehehehe.
We'll be going to Penang (InsyaAllah) in July, so hope to take more pics later...

Nowadays, she's starting jabbering and chit chatting non-stop while her busy hands will be picking and throwing stuff about...

This very happy child, I am very grateful to have...
I feel really blessed that Aina has been nothing but an angel since in my tummy.

She may grow up to be very mischievous and test my patience, but at least for now, I am VERY grateful and thankful for her.....




this is a short entry.... and oh! so.... delayed!!!

Congrats to my sis on her recent BIG day...

I wish her all the best, and hope she finds what she's looking for.

Things are never easy; we always have to WORK to make things work.... :-)

Remember that!!!

In the midst of moving house, this was the simple set of hantaran which I could come up with... VERY LIMITED time!!



It's been ridiculously topsy turvy for all of us...

First there was the preparation for the move, which thankfully, TokMi agreed to take Aina for the 4 days we needed to pack up and move house...

Followed by the move......

Then there was the wedding...........

And then the rest of the unpacking (which is still NOT done!) Huhuhuuuuuuuuuuuu...

And now, I switch on my laptop and it seems it's been invaded by worms and trojans, so I am currently updating this blog, while frantically transferring all the pics in my Desktop into my thumbdrive so that I can burn them into CD later.

I also need to update and respond to numerous requests on Facebeeok, but that's another issue altogether... LOL LOL LOL (or, is it??)

Anyway, our house now is basically 'empty' as I've yet to find the right sofa + $ combination (LOL LOL LOL), and the other 2 rooms upstairs are also bare with the exception of curtains. Aina's still sleeping in our room, but we've decided to hunt for a wardrobe system to install in her room as she has A LOT of clothes and she's taking up too much space in our (hubby & me) wardrobe, LOL LOL LOL

I absolutely LOOOOOVVEE my kitchen though :-D :-D :-D

Yes. I've taken some (very horrible looking) pics of the house, but since the internet is a bit off in this area, I'll wait a bit to add in the pics.

I do hope my friends who tirelessly visit this page are still willing to come back :-)

I've been horrible, I know...

(OK, the antivirus thingy is taking ages to download so I have time to try and put in pics here..)

Welcome to my living area which currently only has curtains, and a floor full of boxes....

and this is the little store under the stairs....

our dining area.... with Aina as the filler :-)

My kitchen :-) (with Ana as filler, ehehehehe)

our choice of location for the washing machine, extra stove and pots and pans that don't fit in the cabinets inside LOL LOL LOL

some of the mess that need to be taken care of... as hubby says "unfinished business!"

and this is our room :-)
sorry.. this is the only shot I could get that didn't show all the boxes strewn about, LOL LOL LOL

our dinner today :-) ehehehehhe

OK, it's late, and I now have to wake up VERY early so I'll see if I can do another update this weekend....