Nur Qalesha, my niece (and Aina in a Basket!)


Nur Qalesha, my sister's contribution to our growing clan LOL

Born on June 21, 2010, weighing in at 3.2kg.

And here, Aina is hybernating in her toy basket.

This entry is short as I am rather tied up so will try to add more of Baby Kelly's (my own nickname for Qalesha) pics after the weekend :-D

Cheers people, and have a good weekend and subsequent week ahead!!!



Jalan-jalan, Makan-makan

Saturday was Aunty Cik's birthday, and we went out for lunch but unfortunately Aina was sooooo grouchy since she was sleepy, I didn't even bother with pics...

Sunday was much better, and we'd planned to go see Mak since we've not visited her a few weeks already with hubby being so busy with work.

We left earlier so that we could take Aina gallivanting, when hubby decided to take us to go see the Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque a.k.a Masjid Besi in Putrajaya.

It is a very 'friendly' mosque whereby (so far) there are no regulatory robes (some mosques insists ALL visitors don robes when visiting even though dressed appropriately) and visitors are free to snap to their hearts content as long as the basic rules are adhered to.

Here Aina is posing with the view of Putrajaya behind her, and also the 'pond' which almost surrounds the mosque. She was quite fascinated and finally couldn't resist anymore and sat at the edge and touched her feet to the water!

Babah had a tough time getting Aina to sit still.... ehehehhehehee...

The open style of this mosque is good, makes it cooling and breezy BUT since it rains like mad in this country, the carpets were soaked through in some spots. NOT good as the smell of stale wet carpets aren't very pleasant....

The Allah writing on the inside of the dome is really pretty, and to get this shot, Babah had to lie on his back and I carried Aina and moved her to the front of the lens... LOL

NOT an easy task since Aina can barely stay in one place these days...

And again, with the water sprouting out, it was too much of an invitation to Aina. In the end, I carried her away............

...which resulted in her dragging me back to the pond. I resisted of course, and decided it was time to leave.

And so we headed for lunch at an Arabian restaurant located at the Domain @ Cyberjaya.

While waiting for our food, Aina fooled around for Babah in front of the camera LOL

THIRSTY! she didn't like her apple juice so she went after Babah's Iced Lemon Tea....

Babah's Lamb Mandy
Mama's Chicken Mandy (shared the rice with Aina)

Aina's latest admirer LOL

and this is the restaurant..........

(special note to KOG: Food served similar to Saba but quantity of rice is less. $$$-wise almost the same, but here the sambal has chillies in it, and they also serve a side dish of gravy, maybe to suit the local taste :-D)



Hubby Dieting, Aina Playing :-)

I just thought I'd put in something other than just Aina in the title LOL

Yep, hubby's on a diet. He's been advised by his docs to reduce his weight as his sleep apnea and sinus problem is getting worse.

To be honest, yes... he has put on quite a bit of weight. He used to weigh around 65 - 67kg I believe, and now it's almost 20kg more :-p

He blames it on my cooking, but seriously, I think it's his habit of having late night meals/snacks when he goes to work in the evenings. I mean, I eat the exact same thing at home, and my weight has not increased, so the problem really lies with him.

His much-needed exercise plans have been put on hold as it tends to rain really heavily in the afternoons these days, so for the time being, he's only watching what he eats.

I recommended yesterday that maybe he should brisk walk from his office building to the main carpark where I go pick him up everyday, at least that's something...

Anyway, Aina is now a cheeky imp, and REALLY knows how to play!!!

One other thing she loves to do when in the car with us is to hang on to the handles above the car window and lift her feet to the windows, then say "Uuuk Uukk.. Aaakk" exactly like a monkey!!! LOL LOL LOL

Recently, TokMi gave Aina a strawberry shaped bag which she bought in Cameron Highlands. Aina of course, LOVES the bag, but.............just see below how she uses it :-D

Such an imp, isn't she??!?!?!!

Anyway, with hubby on a healthy eating streak, I'll see if I remember to snap pics of the food I prepare daily so that I can share some of the recipes with my visitors.... (wishful thinking!!)