Aina - 22 months

A break from my India trip to update on Aina, which is LOOONNGG overdue :-p

Aina now knows how to call for us when she wants attention, and if we ignore her, she'll call you again and again and again and again until you have no choice but to look at her LOL

She's also REALLY testing her boundaries now and will do things that she knows she's not allowed to do just to see our reaction.

The other day, she actually lied!!

It was time to sleep, but she didn't want to go off to bed so after lying down with me for a bit, she sat up and said "Yak.. yak!" i.e. poo-poo. I checked her and there was nothing there, but she insisted, and pulled me off to the bathroom...

So I had to remove her diapers, and put her in her seat and wait for her while she yakked away, perched on her 'throne'!!!!

When she was done, she pulled me to get off the toilet and giggled as we went back to get her dressed...!!!

She's also taken a liking to sit in the covers in our bed while watching TV, and will also engage in a game of peek-a-boo before going off to sleep!!

See, she's even learned to take her snacks into (our) bed with her!!!

Below are some videos of her, just to share :-)