Cheeky Pot, Aina

We had an uneventful week while Babah was away in Iran, and as usual, we stayed at TokMi's while Babah was overseas.

He preferred it that way.

And, here are pics of our bedroom, strewn with Aina's toys after a week away. She wanted everything and watched Disney Channel all day... LOL

She even ransacked her shelf and took everything out... She probably missed her stuff while at TokMi's.... who knows?!?

Here, my wonderful daughter is enjoying TV while playing with her toy, then the next minute I almost died laughing when I saw what she did!!!

Errmmm.......too lazy to sit up???

Aina, playing with her baby sling.... 'transforming' it into................?

Telekung???? LOL LOL LOL

She loves to immitate me praying, so each time I finish prayers, she'll grab her sling and wear it like this. Really entertaining to watch her!!! LOL

Oh ye, I managed to go to the MYDEAR warehouse sale yesterday (settled an important thing in the morning, then rushed to the sale LOL) and grabbed these fantastic deals...

this table + chair set for RM99.00

this tricycle for RM29.00!!

And the following are Mama's various activities when Aina is asleep, or engrossed playing and/or watching TV LOL LOL LOL

OK. I bought another essential thing for Aina, but will put that in another entry.... :-)
Too precious to put it together here....



Aina @ Bird Park

Last Saturday, we decided to bring Aina to the KL Bird Park, something I've wanted to do for a long time but kept postponing due to a number of reasons -- family gatherings, H1N1, babah too busy, etc.

The trip on Saturday was unplanned as we were going to KL anyway to pick up Ana, so decided might as well go earlier and let Aina have a day out.

She seemed to be a bit quiet at first, then slowly started to warm up to the fact that there were birds roaming free around her, and started pointing here and there and jabbering non-stop :-)

This is her new 'thing' -- pulling at her lip. She doesn't do it very often, but enough to annoy us! LOL LOL LOL

Initially, she was fine and seemed excited to be able to touch the birds.......

But when she tried feeding the bird, and felt the slight peck of the beak, she became a bit nervous and fussy.....

She posed here with me, with her making such a cute and sweet face, ehehehehhehehe...

Here, you can see she's rather hesitant to have the bird so near to her....

Here, she became very excited again....

even clapping her hands and fidgeting about! She LOVES water and was obviously excited to see the waterfall.... Hurrmmmm... I might just take her on another outing when her babah gets back from Iran.....

Here she looks kinds 'limp' as it was a very hot and sunny day...

At one go, she finished half a bottle of fruit juice -- VEGOOD orange + mango, her favourite!!

Her babah had this bright idea of letting her hold a baby chick, and the poor thing almost got strangled to death!!!! Aina has a thing about fluffy/furry creatures and becomes to excited that she tends to (unintentionally) squeeze them, and that was what happened with the chick as well. Babah quickly took her hands away, and I told him to put the chick back. Good thing I had Dettol wipes in Aina's diaper bag, too!!!

Anyway, I've only managed to resize Aina's pics so I'll only put up pics of what we saw in a later entry.....

It's now 3:00am, so I have to go sleep now... :-D

Keep safe, people :-)


Aina Yang Macam Macam

She's now as vain as can be, and the mirror is definitely her best friend!!!

I don't know what to call this 'fashion trend' but she seemed really happy and proud with herself that all I could do was laugh my head off while looking at her LOL LOL LOL

She'd obviously found another use for the ball that came with her learning blocks, and it took a LOT for me not to just die from laughter.... The 'best' thing of all was that she tried it on her head while sitting down, then got up to go to the mirror just to see how she looked... LOL LOL LOL


Then she started rearranging her toys....

And this pic shows her plonking herself down on the floor to watch her favourite programs on the Disney Channel. She's dressed up as we were going out for dinner with her Aunty Cicik.

This is Aina with her Aunty Cicik.... dinner at Lala Chong, Kayu Ara.

All in all, Aina is behaving like any other 17-month old I guess, testing out territories and boundaries and testing our patience in general, LOL LOL LOL