Cochin in less than 24 hrs

(giler tak giler buat keje mcm nih??!?!?!)

Last Monday, I went to Cochin, Kerala on the invitation by an airline, and the trip was a VERY short one which was to officially celebrate the airline's new route.

The journey took approximately 4 hours, and we arrived at around 5.00pm local time. By the time we went through immigration and collected our bags, we finally boarded the bus around 5.30pm to head to our hotel, which took us another hour on the road.

Cochin International Airport
kinda reminds you of our local kampung roads, rite? :-)
the proposed golf course still under construction

Apart from the golf course near the airport, I saw a Marriott also under construction, together with a shopping arcade.

Local Sights On The Way To The Hotel
(sorry for the shakey, blurry pics. moving bus!!!)


decorated, colourful lorries -- just like in the movies huh?? :-)

En route to our hotel, it was definitely a colourful and bustling sight. Unfortunately, we could not stop, and our schedule the next day was full right up till check out and departure time. So, what you see in this page is all that I saw of Cochin :-)

We arrived at the hotel around 6.30pm, but due to glitces and hiccups here and there, only managed to get my key card at 7.00pm. I immediately requested for an iron to be sent up to my room as my luggage was drenched from the heavy rain in KL, and I expect my clothes would be totally wet through.... and I was right!! I spend the next hour ironing my clothes dry... LOL

Oh yeah, we were booked at the Le Meridien Resort, Cochin. A beautiful resort, but unfortunately we didn't have time to enjoy it. Shops close by 9.00pm here, and even the in-house spa operates only from 10.30am to 7.30pm!

That night, the dancers and I had our dinner at the hotel Seafood Restaurant since it was already 8.30pm. Since there were 7 of us, we were directed to a private area within the restaurant, and it was so quaint, complete with an iron gate and dome with pretty plates decorating the shelves.

my simple meal of Keralan-spice grilled fish with white rice

blind musicians @ hotel lobby

Treasure Trove -- our breakfast venue

The Convention Centre

The swimming pool

rehearsal time

dancers all dolled up and ready to go!!

traditional musicians greeting guests

The event started a wee bit late since the organisers were waiting for a decent number of media to arrive, but all went relatively well. Lunch was a lovely spread of local fare, and I was happy as there was a fare bit of vegetarian and seafood choices :-)

No meats when travelling, LOL LOL LOL

The dancers were outstanding and did a good job. Congrats!!!

After the event, I rushed back to my room to finish packing, take a quick shower, pray and then check out.

The bus was scheduled to pick us up at 3.00pm, and I had about an hour to get ready.

Upon arriving at the airport, I could not resist taking a picture of the ticket booth outside the entrance. Yep, you can buy entry tickets to visit the airport :-)

Overall, it was a very interesting trip even though I can't really say that I've visited Cochin, but it was however a very good 'soft' introduction to the market :-)

We landed in KL at 11.45pm and by the time we claimed our luggage, it was past midnight. Thank God hubby was already there waiting for me!! :-)



Aina Updates

Been really busy lately so here are just some pics of Aina, to satisfy her aunt's desire to see her new pics, not that she doesn't see Aina almost every week anyway LOL LOL LOL
Went to Curve on Sunday with TokMi, and Aina had fun seeing the decorations and throwing tantrums to get her way!
All these pics were taken using the cellphone camera, so the quality is not so good.

at The Curve

Aina LOVES pringles, so this is what I usually give her to keep her quiet in the car. Unfortunately, she hates being restricted in the seat belt, and we have yet to get her a car seat (as the seats in the back still have no safety belts), so this is the alternative ON EMERGENCY CASES when she does not want to stay with Ana at home and cries her eyes (and heart!) out.

At least she listens when I tell her to sit down!

enjoying Pringles while Mama is driving, on the way to fetch Babah

This was when we went to IKEA to get Aina her bed. She had A LOT of fun testing out the beds, getting in and out and under the covers... LOL

testing out IKEA's beds

And finally, this is Aina, behaving so well at TokMi's watching TV while having her juice. Somehow, she MUST use the blanket to cover herself up and the napkin must be in her hands. It's her security 'thing'....

at TokMi's, quenching her thirst while watching Playhouse Disney

I'll update a bit more later, along with my recent trip to South Asia.

Till then... take care!