Bila Aina Tengok TV....

Aina has been watching TV (sorry to all of those who do not agree to the TV nanny!) for most of her short life, from educational videos to box office movies. Her favourite is of course the Disney Playhouse channel, and I am more than happy to accommodate her as she also learns while being entertained (and occupied so that I can do other stuff!).

Lately, she's also learned to enjoy more 'grown up' (NOT "adult" mind you!!) movies like Jurassic Park (she loves dinosaurs!) and anything that has animals or children in them :-) On Sunday, TokMi went to Speedy Video and bought 2 cartoon DVDs (Upin & Ipin and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) and 1 movie entitled YETI. It had a scary picture of Bigfoot with bloody teeth on it and when Aina saw it, she immediately said "unster!" (i.e. MONSTER).

Anyway, after her bath, she gave the "monster" DVD to TokMi as she wanted to watch it!!!

So, we all sat down and watched the movie...

Through out the movie, we were most entertained by her antics ~ she'll climb and hide behind us (during the scary bits), she'll go stand in front of the TV (during the not so scary bits) and she even resorted to this.......

...climbing behind TokMi's sofa and hiding between the cushions, but peeking out to watch the screen anyway.... LOL

standing up when it wasn't so scary
and hiding again when the part got scary for her
At home, she'll climb behind us and peek over our shoulders if the scene was scary or full of suspense, and then when the bad guy (or thing or animal) dies, she'll clap her hand and go "Yaaaayy!!" :-D :-D :-D
Oh yeah... I just thought I'd share some thoughts in here, since it is kinda related to Aina, and what I am going through now i.e. pregnant with diabetes, also the fact that I had a really interesting conversation with a colleague this morning.
The simple trigger was Vitagen.
I was telling my breakfast mates about Aina and Vitagen, and how I'm always opting for drinks that have "no added sugar" or "less sugar" for Aina since both me and her TokMi are diabetics when one of them mentioned that her daughter drank Vitagen like it was water. In 10mins flat, all 5 bottles would be gone! Another friend and I immediately cautioned her on the danger and risks of that as there have been numerous reports on how kids as young as FIVE can be diagnosed with diabetes from consuming too much of such sugar-ladden beverages. On top of that, her daughter could also wipe of half a dozen donuts in one go!!! I told her to watch her child closely because if this has been going on for a while, she should really get her child checked.
I remember a while back when I was really conscious of my food intake (NOT dieting, but more organic and natural, healthy stuff) and I decided to not allow my own kids to fall into the trap like most other kids. All the processed, sugary stuff that goes into their bodies have to be controlled! My sisters were kind of making fun of me, and saying that my kids would only have fun at TokMi's because there's where they get to indulge in all the forbidden stuff at home...
Now, with Aina, I have to admit that to stick to a 100% healthy eating regiment is not easy BUT I try as much as possible even if we do go out to eat that we do not end up at the usual fast food joints. Yes, we spend a bit more on "real" food, but at least I get to have a bit of control on what goes into her body, and yes... I also do let her have the occasional ice cream, chocolates, sweets and even junk food... but only after she's had her proper meal. Only occasionally she'll throw a fit, and to avoid her NOT eating at all, I let her have her chocolate cookie but with a bottle of milk.
In my perfect (dream) world, I'd be making batches of home-made all-natural chicken nuggets and fish fingers at home for her, but she has yet to develop a palate for all that, and so for now I am happy just giving in to the occasional sausage or french fries.
Ana has also taught her to eat properly (since I have told Ana my preference) so when Ana is with her, Ana will ask her if she wanted rice or noodles for lunch/dinner. Aina will respond according to her mood, and it usually has to be accompanied with a bowl of vegetable soup with fishballs. Here I do trip because I only make my own fishballs once in a while. Fresh ones do not keep very well, and the fresh fish necessary required to make the balls are not always available.
Anyway... these are just a few concerns which are constantly on my mind... and I do hope that more of my friends will be aware of the hidden dangers lurking on the supermarket shelves that beckon and call their kids at every visit!! :-)
Till my next rambling session.... take care every one :-)

Sembang Sembang Open House 2

Tuan Rumah : sembang-sembang dgn tetamu
Sang Ibu : menikmati makanan dan biskut raya
Sang Anak : makan-makan sambil tengok2 keliling... "aunty, rumah ni takde carpet ye.....?"

Tuan Rumah : A'ah...senang aunty nak mop/sapu.... sekali harung aje. tak payah selak2, tak payah angkat2....

Sang Ibu : Issskk budak ni, mulut tu cepat aje
Sang Anak : sengih2... sambung makan

So, Tuan Rumah nak kena beli carpet kah skrg ni? Kalau nak ikut, theory senang mop/sapu tu mmg sangat sesuai kan.... apa kata survey?????????? LOL

Sembang-Sembang Open House 1

Isteri : asyik menikmati mi sup, sambil sembang2 dgn jiran2 yang jarang2 jumpa.
Suami : asyik bersembang dengan Pakcik yang duduk di sebelahnya.

Suami : menegur anak kecil yang berlari tak hengat dalam rumah orang
Pakcik : "Cucu ke?"
Suami : sedikit terpinga-pinga, tapi masih cover line, "errrkk tak, anak saya"

Isteri : sudah geli hati, geli perut. dah nak tersembur kuah mi sup, nasib baik tak tercekik. Cuit sikit Suami, terus ketawa terbahak-bahak.........mi sup diketepikan sbb dah kluar2 airmata sbb gelak kuat sangat....

Pakcik : Terkulat-kulat; muka sedikit bersalah....

note: Maaf ye pakcik, sbb saya gelak kuat2... bukan gelakkan pakcik sebenarnya, tapi gelakkan suami yg finally dpt reality check from a total stranger :-D



Salam Aidilfitri to All...

Yup, I know it's been almost two weeks since Syawal but I really have not had the time to update. Plus, since my lappie is still 'dead', I am depending on hubby's (at home) and my work station to update, which really does not give me much of an opportunity to write and compose long and interesting entries... LOL

With Ana back in Semarang, life has been CRAZY-CRAZY busy.... my two weeks away from work was MUCH busier than when I had to juggle work and home, as of course I had to do everything around the house plus care for Aina. It's been ages and ages since I've done all of it alone, and to get hubby to help like he used to was also a challenge as I think he's even more comfy now with having Ana around.

I remember when hubby was not so keen on the idea of having a maid as he was worried about issues of privacy and other stuff like maids running off, etc. but I convinced him that since we were planning on moving to a (bigger) new house, we needed the help as well as to have someone to watch over Aina. I was not so keen on sending Aina to a nursery, especially after just 60 days (our pathetic compulsory maternity leave), and the fact that most (not all) nurseries and kindies are 'breeding grounds' for infectious diseases.

Speaking of which, my niece little Nur Qalesha is now down with chicken pox! Poor baby is only just past her 100 days if I'm not mistaken. And with Aina at her TokMi's on weekdays, I am prepping myself to care for Aina if she catches it. Mom was asking me if Aina had been vaccinated but honestly, I don't mind Aina getting it now, rather than later. At least when she starts school, I have one less worry! She's had her MMR shot so that's also a few less stuff to worry about... and while Aina is still taking formula, it'd be much easier to care for her if she has it now. We'll see.........

Oh yeah... Aina has been over-over active these few weeks, almost impossible to handle! Over the weekend, we went to our neighbour's for Raya and while walking home, Aina decided to make a run away from us and see how far she can go. As soon as I said "no running", she sped up and since it was on the road, she quickly lost her balance and fell! She scratched her chin a bit and her bottom tooth hit her top one and caused her tooth to puch slightly into her gums, making her gums bleed... Needless to say, there was much crying and screaming.... :-s

To help her sleep, I gave her a bit of panadol syrup and a wee bit of benadryl to help with the swelling.

Oh yeah... here is a pic of Aina, playing with the remote controlled cars at Jusco Seri Kembangan. Apologies that the quality is cr*p but I just used my fone camera for a quick snap.

And here is a snap of Aina, totally passed out from exhaustion! LOL She'd followed Babah to the shop and bazaar during Ramadhan, and as soon as she came home, she gave me her kit kat and landed on her small couch and zonked out!! LOL LOL LOL

huduh sangat anak dara sorg ni tido kan..............!!

I took a video of Aina on the remote controlled cars, but since it'll take forever to load from my workstation, I'll put it up another time (or during lunch time). The writing is not an issue as that can be done in word and cut & paste into the template, ahahahhahaha...

Till then....