Ramadhan 2013 : Entry #2

Yep. I've been really bad at updating my blog. Actually, since it's been 'visited' and practically stalked, I have lost the 'heart' to write but I still feel the need to leave something here occasionally :)  Now that I have restricted views to this site, hopefully I will start getting into the mood again!

And so, I am sharing our Iftar menu here from day 3 & 4 :D

Hubby had to work outstation on day 3, so it was just me and Aina in front of the TV! Yes, I know it is an AWFUL habit but since it's just two of us, the dining table (seats 8) seemed really huge!! I LOVE to make refreshing i.e. 'cooling' drinks for Iftar, and the Barley & Gingko Nut drink was so yummy served lukewarm :D
you  need:
a small handful of barley
1/2 (small) packet of fresh gingko nuts (you may used dried but have to soak them first)
honey rock sugar, to taste
pandan leaves, knotted
1.5 liters water
combine all EXCEPT the sugar in a pot and bring up to a boil. lower  heat, add sugar, and simmer another 20 minutes or so until the barley has softened.  
Note: you may also add red dates if you like :)

On Day 4, we had Iftar at my sister-in-law's house and our contribution was spicy sweet & sour crabs. Hubby had ordered the crabs specially for this, and he managed to get around 5kgs.
you need:
1 - 1.5kg crabs
3 large garlic cloves    - pounded to a paste
1-inch piece of ginger - pounded to a paste
2 Tbs ground chilli paste
1 Tbs oyster sauce
2 Tbs sweet chilli sauce
2 Tbs tomato sauce
1/4 cup water (or more, if you want the sauce not too thick)
crabs must be cleaned and steamed. set aside.
heat oil and fry ginger, garlic & chilli paste until fragrant. add in the sauces with the water and bring up to a boil. add int he crabs, mix well to coat, and simmer another 3 - 5 minutes. Serve immediately, garnished with torn fresh coriander leaves and roughly chopped spring onions.
And so here are two recipes which I am more than happy to share with my readers/visitors.  Hope you all have a blessed Ramadhan ahead!


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