AINA IS ONE!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

On the eve of Aina's birthday, 11th May, we went out for dinner at Johnny's Summit USJ. We ordered noodles for Aina, and steamboat for ourselves. Needless to say, I had to finish Aina's noodles, and ate her ice cream with her... ahahahah. She enjoyed Babah's Soursop & Guava juice as well.... :-D

After dinner, we stopped by MPH and Babah got her this book.....
She had a ball with it, until it was sleep time :-)

Then today, for lunch, TokMi took us to Tony Roma's, Cineleisure. It was supposed to be just TokMi, Aina and Uncle Maman, but since Aina wa a bit feverish in the morning, I decided to take her to the clinic. Then after her bath, my knee grazed one of the many boxes in the living room upstairs, and gave way, and so I crashed to the floor with Aina in my arms. Good thing nothing happened to her, and so we both ended up in the clinic.

Turned out Aina was fine, doc said maybe she felt warm to the touch in the morning when she woke up because she was heaty inside, but she was fine; temp was normal.

So, we decided to give Aina her shot.

I was a bit apprehensive because it's been months, and Aina now is more aware of her surroundings. Turned out, the girl is one tough cookie!!!

She just flinched slightly when doc jabbed her, and turned to look for the source of the 'discomfort' which was quickly forgotten... Yaaaayyyy Aina!!!

I am now nursing my knee, and Aina's asleep :-D :-D :-D



Aina In A Box


First of all, I really have to apologise for my poor updating efforts lately. It's been crazy getting things done and ready in time, and even then we are still not in the new place yet and Aina's birthday is just round the corner... huhuhuuuuuuu....

I was hoping to be in the new house by then, but I guess things happen for a reason.

And, YES KUCHAI!!! you are rite...!! been soooo busy packing and sorting stuff, until finally the above event took place LOL LOL LOL

The little cheeky-pot got into everything so finally her Babah put her in one of the boxes. She was so happy to be in it, that it didn't even bother her when Babah closed the box, ehehehehe...

Tomorrow morning, we'll (me and hubby) will be going to the house to out in curtains and wait for some stuff to be delivered, and Aina will not be in the way as she's safely tucked away in TokMi's place :-D :-D :-D

Last week, I was out of office for a few days, wandering around KL to survey and look for shots to be included in our new brochures. During the recce, we were fortunate enough to visit Aquaria (though am a bit sheepish to admit it was our first time there!). Our visit also coincided with their feeding time! :-) Needledd to say, it was a definite photo fest for me, hahahahahahaaa...

I am so embarassed that I have yet to finish editing pics from my photography workshop last month, and I REALLY have to work at it and try to come up with some decent shots to be contributed in the 'officially' set up Flickr page :-D :-D :-D
(ampuunnsss dear teacher!!!)

Anyway, our tentative moving date is around the week of the 20th of this month, so in the meantime, do forgive the lack of updates and pictures....

However, I will probably try my hardest to update tomorrow after taking pics of the house..... ehehehehehehe...