Aina @ Bagan Lalang

Aina wanted to play with 'samm' (i.e. sand) and make sam-castles, so we made a (very) short trip to Bagan Lalang recently.
She was Babah's assistant, picking up (flinging around?) sand and providing Babah with the right 'contruction tools' to build the castle...

When she was bored playing with the sand, she'll run on the beach, chasing waves and running from it :-)

She enjoyed walking and running in the sand, flinging sand around and generally running free...

"look at me, world!!!"



Cameron Highlands - Miscellaneous

first light from my balcony

The Orang Asli community While they reside in the jungles in the area, they do come out and sell their wares by the roads leading up and down Cameron Highlands. It is now the durian season, and you'll find many of the huts selling this much sought-after fruit :-) They also sell honey collected from the forest, as well as bamboo shoots.

Honey Bee Farm

There are many places of interests ~ the Butterfly Garden, Rose Garden, Cactus Valley and of course, MARDI. A great place for a family holiday :-)


Cameron Highlands Resort

We arrived at the Resort around 8.15pm, and it was too late to sample the Hi-Tea, which includes scones and pastries with local tea and homemade preserves. Walk-ins are also welcome, and at the time of our visit, the Hi-Tea rate is RM60.00++ for 2 persons. It would have been nice taking pics of the Resort at night as the lights were almost festive! But... 1) I couldn't be bothered to stand in the middle of the road to get a good pic, and 2) I didn't carry my tripod with me. That would have been a bit over the top since it was a working trip for me!! If you've stayed at the Merlin way back those years ago, then you'll know where the Cameron Highlands Resort is.

The cascade breakfast served at The Dining Room starts with your choice of morning pick-me-up hot beverage and juices, with a plate of fruit and bread basket with homemade preserves. The preserves are strawberry (of course!), marmalade and pineapple. The choices from the hot kitchen include eggs with beef bacon and the workd, omelette with salmon and chives, waffles, buttermilk pancakes and noodles. For walk-ins, the rate is RM70.00++ and if you really feel like splurging on a good breakfast, it really is worth it :-D

The bedroom

the welcome platter of fruits and chocolate & strawberries

they can actually fold towels in the shape of an elephant! adorable, rite??

The Japanese Restaurant, Gonbei

The Spa ~ greeting area

the signature tea bath, comes complimentary with all spa packages

the waiting area

the treatment room.

there are also rooms for couples.

The Resort sells rooms and meals separately so if you want to look for a package that includes breakfast, then head up to a local travel agent who can help.


Cameron Highlands - Tea Plantations

As the signage shows, the factory is only open for visits till 4.30pm. There's a cafe also, and that closes around the same time as well. The scones set is supposed to be quite nice, and costs RM12.00 per set. And of course at the BOH cafe there's BOH tea :-) A whole variety of it! Take your pick and enjoy....! BOH TEA SG. PALAS PLANTATION



Kuala Kangsar ~ Culture & Heritage

The team from Lonely Planet India also covered a bit of heritage, and so our route included Kuala Kangsar...
Perak Royal Museum

Ubudiah Mosque

Kg. Kepala Bendang

~ home of the Labu Sayong

Who would have thought that our great-grandfathers had grasp the concept of purified, mineral water way back then... :-)

I remember the time when I was a child and I'd sit in front of the TV watching documentaries on how the labu sayong, wau, keris and even sulam tekat was made. If only they had the videos in DVD form today, it would be a great giveaway to visitors.... :-)

(maybe someone reading this knows someone who knows someone and can mention this....?)