Aina - 20th month

my sweetie pie is almost TWO years-old already...

* she's now VERY independent, but very manja as well and has learned to use her tears as weapons!
* if she's reprimanded for doing something she's not supposed to, she'll cover her face/hide her face and walk away.
* if she wants to watch her favourite cartoons, she'll pass me the remote and say "Nak! Nak!" :-D
* if it's time to sleep and I change channels, she'll whine a bit and when I say "No, time to sleep" she'll cry purple murder before finally going off to sleep
* she LOVES to eat out
* she LOVES to go to the playground, and sometimes it gets a bit embarassing bcoz she'll be asking other kids for their toys -- bike, ball, whatever -- even if Ana brings her stuff along... :-s

Here are some pics of Aina.

She loves pringles/mister potato -- chips, basically! She also loves keropok... I guess she loves just about anything that goes "ccrruuuunchhh!". The panda meiji biscuits are also her fave munchies. she can eat a whole box while watching TV.

This is Aina, relaxing on her mattress while watching TV

and... this is Aina, enjoying her chips!! LOL

Dah big gurl dah anak mama ni kan.... huhuhuhuuuuuuu...........


p.s. busy worse than a bee these days, so less updates :-(