Aina Yang Makin............

Look at her.

She can turn ANYthing into a play thing, and spend as much or as little time on her 'new' toy, depending on how interesting she deems it to be.

I've not bought her anything new lately since she's more content ransacking my bakeware and other cooking utensils and cutlery.

This was at a recent BBQ session @ Sg Besi, to officiate the new Barbie and also as appreciation by my nephew to all who worked (and played) hard for his recent wedding :-D

Aina was so besotted with this cat that she hung on to it most of the time, and even used it to play with the other live cats there LOL

Some of the meats, fresh off the barbie :-P

And the other yummy sides.........

Oh yes. I've not out in my food entries in a LOOONNGGG time, so here are some pics to share :-) I am eating this on a daily basis now, to help with my sugar levels....

This is stir-fried beef with ginger and spring onions, although a bit lacking in the spring onions -- ran out of stock, LOL

The green beans with carrots and tofu, cooked in cili padi and tauchu paste :-)

See, Aina now likes to arrange her pillows to make it higher, then watch TV till she falls asleep LOL LOL LOL

Over-dusted? ehehehehe....... I always put extra on her, in hopes it'll last longer LOL LOL LOL
Wishful thinking, of course....

Totally engrossed watching Dibo the Gift Dragon :-P's Aina's first masterpiece :-D :-D :-D

and when she saw me taking a pic of it, she ran to the little couch and posed for me :-P LOL

So, in a nutshell, YOU make what to think of Aina these days LOL LOL LOL



Aina Demam!!


She was slightly warm when I got back from work on Friday, so I gave her panadol syrup and gave her lots of fluids.

At 4am, she woke up, and she was hot to the touch so hubby decided we should take her to hospital (it was 4am, all clinics were closed and the 24-hour ones near our house SUCKED big time!)

It took us half an hour to get to SJMC (hubby's panel) and since it was Saturday morning, there was no one there. Aina was attended to almost immediately.

Doc's diagnose was viral fever, prescribed paracetamol and the suppository meds in case her fever escalated, and sent us home.

She was fine the rest of the day, only just slightly warm. In the evening, she was hot again, so i gave her the supp meds.

She slept through the nite, and Sunday morning she was OK.

We went our roti telur breakfast, which Aina had with Milo, and we went home. We'd no plans as hubby had to work.

That afternoon, her fever came back.

I had taken to putting an ice cold towel on her head to help cool her down, and even though she was fine in the beginning, she grew irritated by it and flung the towel across the room!

By the time hubby got back from work, she was already reaching 40'C.

We immediately left for SJMC (since her meds were on record there) and as soon as the nurse took her temperature, Aina had to strip and be sponge bathed. Her temp was 40.3'C!!

Her lips were swollen and cheeks all red.... poor thing.

I knew she was really sick because Aina NEVER complaints, but this time she was whiny and crying so I know she must have been really uncomfortable.....

The hospital was cold, so she cried the whole time she was sponge bathed, and kept pointing to her clothes saying "Naakk...nakkk......." and sobbing the whole time. Poor baby............!!

Finally, when it was done, I dressed her and the nurse inserted the supp meds and I was told to wait another half hour to see if her fever went down.

Half and hour later, her temp was around 38'C. Still high.

We went in to see the doctor and he asked if we were ok to have Aina's blood taken. By all means, please! At least we'll know if there's another reason, right??

NOW, this is where we got REALLY, ROYALLY pissed!!!

It took the lab tech HALF AN HOUR to get from the North Tower to the A&E!!!

HULLO!!! we came all the way from PUCHONG in that amount of time ok!!!!

Aina was really brave, not a squeak out of her during the process. The lab tech was impressed :-D

Anyway, after another 15 mins. of waiting, the doc told us that there was no signs of dengue fever, no 'other' flu (i refuse to say it out loud!). Just that her white blood count was slightly higher, which according to the doc, was a sign of infection.

Aina was given antibiotics, which she had to complete in three days, and also some meds for sore throat/cough. Her throat was slightly inflamed, which explained why she refused to eat anything since morning, and won't even take her formula....

We reached home at 3am.

I obviously did not go to work on Monday.

Aina is all better now, alhamdulillah.............. and she's back to her cheeky self, in fact even more now!!!

This weekend, we'll be in TokMi's on Saturday so we'll see what mischief she'll be up to :-D



Aina is TWO!!!

well, at least she will be on May 12th :-D

Last Saturday (8th), TokMi threw a party for Aina at TTDI and the main activity was splashing around in the 2 pools that her TokMi got for her specially for the party.

It rained like mad before the party and it was quite a letdown, but fortunately it stopped just in time.

TokMi wanted helium balloons for Aina, so there were 2 dozens for her to play with. Kids who came were welcomed to take one home with them :-)

This is one of the items in the party pack -- choco biscuits : creamo cookies coated with chocolate and decorated with edible printed paper :-D

TokMi prepared laksa, and we also ordered pulut kuning, rendang tok and roti jala to go with TokMi's kuah durian and chicken curry....

For something different, TokMi also ordered this jelly cake for Aina. She ordered it from a shop @ The Curve, and since Aina likes dinosaurs, hence the design you see above :-P

Since it was raining earlier, the pool was in the house, filled with balloons (non-helium ones of course!), and as soon as it dried up a bit, all adjourned to TokMi's garage for the big splash :-D :-D :-D

Her Aunty Cicik feeding Aina cupcakes while playing in the pool :-D

It was a tough time getting her out of the water, and Uncle Maman had to bring out the dino cake to entice her out of the pool....

She took a quick shower, re-dressed, and it was time to blow out the candles :-)

It was basically a small do for immediate neighbours and some friends who had little kids, just so Aina can have some mates to play with. I didn't plan a huge do as Aina is too young to appreciate it, so this time it was all TokMi's doing :-) :-) :-)

Presents Time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of all the pressies, Aina loved these the most :-D :-D :-D

And this bag was a present from Aunty Cicik... "Thank you Aunty Cicik"

........and Thank you TokMi for the hardwork :-D :-D :-D